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Argan-Oils.co.uk Pure Organic Argan Oil UK Suppliers

Argan-Oils.co.uk suppliers to the UK of the finest quality pure organic argan oil directly from our trusted producers in Morocco.

Argan Oil, sometimes called Moroccan Oil, is one of the best kept secrets of Berber women, we deliver one of the rarest oils in the world direct to your door.

The women of Morocco have used the benefits of Pure Organic Argan Oil products for centuries. With its unique flavour and aroma Argan Oil is used for cooking, view our Pure Organic Argan Oils Cooking Products. While its high saturation of anti-oxidants and vitamin E, known to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, means that Argan is a valuable commodity in the cosmetic industry for skin, nail and hair care. View our Pure Organic Argan Oils Cosmetic Products.

Argan-Oils.co.uk source only the highest quality EcoCert Cold Pressed Pure Organic Certified Argan. Traditionally Argan Oil was hand pressed, by the Berber women of Morocco. These days machine presses do the hard work, which benefits Berbers as it has allowed them to launch family businesses and generate themselves a reliable income by sustainably producing Moroccan Oil.

Our Pure Organic Argan Oil has a shelf life of up to 2 years, as there is no water added, Cheap Argan Oil not only dilutes the flavours in cooking but also dilutes the benefits for skin, hair and nail care natural products.

For more information on the benefits of organic Argan Oils please take a look at What is the Benefits of Organic Argan Oils.

Youssef and Wendy, a husband and wife partnership, are very enthusiastic about the benefits of Argan Oil, so much so that they were compelled to create argan-oils.co.uk.

Youssef was born in Morocco, and being a Berber has been brought up alongside the origins and multi uses of Argan Oil, experiencing its unique benefits first hand.

He has many memories of Argan Oil being used for its health and beauty benefits.

“Since meeting Youssef, and being introduced to this wonderful oil, my passion for argan has grown. We are very happy to have launched argan-oils.co.uk allowing you to share the many benefits of Argan Oil.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

Wendy and Youssef






Argan Oils is pleased to announce the continuation of our popular FREE Royal Mail standard UK delivery on all orders.


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